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3402 Randolph Road
Austin, TX, 78722
United States





Emily Forsythe

well, its about time. it’s about time we went on an adventure, a real adventure. although isn’t it always time to go on an adventure now that i am married to jared shrode?!? we are seeking an adventure that is not about fancy schmancy hotels and the luxuries of life. we want one where we have to cook our own ‘camp cuisine’, sleep in our car, meet interesting people along the way and really see the country that we are exploring. we want an adventure where we will truly be flying by the seat of our pants. don’t get me wrong, we aren’t going into this blind, as i will be traveling with a seasoned chileno (i.e. jared); we have definite points of interest that we want to see along the way, but we are going with no firm plan, as a true road trip should be. we are just packing a few small bags (which is difficult for me) and an open mind. 

albeit we are taking a big risk by leaving our jobs, our home, our families, friends and our favorite furry friends to take this journey, but we figure what is life without taking some sort of risk, right?!? we are about to embark on the ultimate road trip, trekking it for three months via camper van. in chile we will travel for six weeks in a small two-person camper van from the southern tip of chile to the northern part of the country with a few detours through argentina and possibly bolivia along the way. upon our return to the u.s., we will be taking road trip pt. 2 and traveling out west to california from austin, tx.

if you find any of the above interesting or intriguing, follow along on our journey with us!! also, we would love to hear from you; feel free to comment or email us with any suggestions along the way!!